New Transkit: K’s Workshop 2013 and 2014 Honda RC213V

The release of the 2014 Honda RC213V by Tamiya this year instantly called K’s Workshop’s attention to bring previous version of the HRC Repsol factory racer; then the 2013 and pedrosa’s 2014 RC213V were born from craftmanship. I think it’s first Honda MotoGP transkit from K’s Workshop.


The main new release from K’s Workshop here is indeed the 2013 version, both Pedrosa and Marquez are available. Lets honor the 2013 (2014 and recently 2016 champion bike) Marc Marquez racer, here some pics of the real bike easily recognizable from its twin air ram on the front fairing:

The 2013 front fairing is the specific Marquez one (as Pedrosa is smaller than Marc, then has a different front cowling):

Less obvious, the swingarm is ‘new’ too:

Same on the front end, with the 2013 spec Ohlins bottoms, specific to Honda (on the right, the transponder and the gas cap):
Of course, the bottoms fits perfectly with the Tamiya front fork set:

Back to the rear with a tank/seat section that are specific to each rider, K’s Workshop carrefully captionned the right shapes of Marquez RC213V with bespoke rear tank pad and back seat foam:

Here’s the main parts of this set:

The Marchesini Diablo M7 from the Tamiya mounted in the 2013 swingarm with chain tensionners from the Tamiya kit I guess:

Nice pictures of part built, like the HRC warm the RC213V without the rear cowling on:

Final test build will bring you clearer idea of the regular quality of K’s Workshop’s transkits, white parts are Tamiya, grey, K’s Workshop:

Let’s now talk about the 2013 Pedrosa transkit, which has specific parts developped for the little Spanish rider, here some pictures Dani’s real bike to start:

The set is different regarding the parts shown below (Dani uses a classic dashboard while Marc prefers the full digital one):

On the left, Pedrosa’s front fairing (right is Marquez version):

The seat section is bespoke Pedrosa version, different of course from the #93 one:

A test build to show, in white, the Tamiya; and, in resin, the transkit’s parts:


Both 2013 transkits get clera rubber tank grips:

I will end this post with the 2014 transkit to convert Marquez bike into Pedrosa’s one, small parts for the front cowl, classic dashboard, rear tank pad and of course #26 decals:

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