Kit Review: BRACH MODEL 1976 Morbidelli 125

I’m very proud to show and talk such a kit and bike for my first kit review on the blog. And with another Italian new comer in the game, Brach Model. This company is specialized in 1/35 armored vehicles decided to make 1/12 motorcycle kits! And with all the new technology available now, and Brach’s knowledge, the quality and accuracy would give master pieces. For first model, Brach Model choose the 1976 GP125 World Champion bike, the Morbidelli 125. I think I’m right, we have here the very first GP125 kit of all times.


As soon as I knew this bike would be produced I’ve placed an order 😉
This Morbidelli 125 was World Champion with Pier Paolo Bianchi in 1976.
This bike is a 2 stroke parallel twin cylinder with rotary disc system.


Let’s start by… the beginning…the vintage box, nicely done:

Once you open it, on top, the instructions guide:

And below a board with photo etching, decals and, some parts for the drive chain and brake discs:

Next step, you can see all the compartments to protect every parts, and believe me, there are a lot inside!

In all the bags, you find fine quality moulded parts, the fairing are just awesome, thin and perfects:

Another bag is composed by the swingarm (bottom on the pic), and some parts of the tiny frame:

The frame, a tubular classic for this era is a classic left and right side to assemble, easy:

Later, after taking off another bull pack sheet, you get in front of you the nice Campagnolo wheels, and here mates, no resin types, these are real rubber one!!!

But you aven’t seen all yet, another bag is the awesome engine, rear seat and tank, take a look at this beauty! The crankcase, the clutch, the cylinders, I’m amazed by the accuracy, the quality!

We continue with carburetors and some electrical system I guess:

A question was in my mind before to discover this kit, about the exhaust. As at the time, the racers didn’t use silencers, how would be the Brach Model one? Fulfilled rod to drill or real tube for the exhausts ends? Well, check the pictures below, I haven’t been disappointed at all, well done Brach Models ^^


Other bag, other parts, you can see, the screen, the bottom of the cowling, front fork bottoms, rear shocks or even the rear sprocket made to take a real chain…

But if you prefer a one part chain kit, no problem, you get it too, I love the crankcase cover (right on pic):

The clip ons, levers and grips have wonderfully realized too, like if the real Morbidelli was reduced to 1/12 scale by magic, the accuracy is truly amazing:


I won’t show you all the bags with every single screw for this bike, but there are a lot of bags like the one below, this Brach Model kit, is more than Tamiya for instance, it’s a premium quality kit not for beginners, I just say it to warn some unskilled modelers who would like to buy this jewel.

Honnestly, I’m very glad to get this kit and the fact that another skilled and well tooled maker comes into the 1/12 motorcycle business, specially with some vintage racers like the Morbidelli. All parts masters have been handcrafted or made with lathe or milling machine by Luciano Brach Zanino’s huge skills.

Bonus, the kit built by Gennaro:





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