New Kit: BRACH MODEL 1985 Garelli 125 Fausto Gresini

The summer’s hot and this tremendous new kit from BRACH MODEL will not help me to cool down! After the awesome Morbidelli 125 the genius Luciano Brach hits again right with the 1985 gp125 world champion machine, the Garelli 125 ridden by Fausto Gresini.

This kit is even more attracting to me, because, this Garelli is from the slick types era. I explain: to me there are 2 kinds of racers that make my heart beat strong.

The spoke wheels with brake shoes racers (60s/70s), for instance the Honda RC166:

And the racers with forged/cast wheels, brake disc and slick tyres (from the 80s), the Garelli is part of them:

Ok, now let’s see this sweetness from Brach Model.
I agree, the design at these times wasn’t giving beauties like we use to see now, but this square butt is part of the allure of this Garelli.

But the biggest technical specification on the chassis, is the frame itself. Garelli developed, like other brands, monocoque chassis. It means that the frame is also a gas tank. You can clearly see it the pictures below:


The engine is parallel twin cylinders 2 stroke 125cc with rotative intakes. The best way to get the most powerful engine (Aprilia used it too on all their 2 stroke gp engines). Don’t hesitate to click on the pictures to get high res. You’ll see, the details are just stunning! In these years, engineers could still make something else than mono cylinder for the 125cc…

Except the large seat section and the width of the fairing due to the rotative intakes on both sides, the Garelli is extremely thin. I repeat myself but take a look at all the details, I can’t believe that Luciano and Andrea are able to reproduce so much from the real bike. And note that they don’t use 3D printing and CAD. All is made from their hands, with, of course the help of machinery like latte. I invite you to follow this LINK to see some pictures of the fabrication process of the Garelli, you won’t be disappointed.

On the rear section, you can see the accuracy. Even the rubber strap (to help the pedal to go back) has been designed! No mono shock yet, the twin shocks were still used even on small racers.

On the front, the classic fork made of resin and machined aluminum rods (for the tubes). The specific braking system, with a linkage between the lower triple clamp and the calipers is also highly detailed.

Another piece of art, the engine. On the right side, the right cylinder’s carburetor and beside of the clutch. On the left side, another carburetor (for the left cylinder). The big hose is the gearbox vacuum breaker.

The meters are very nice too. Nothing’s missing! Well… gonna be fun to bend and connect all these wirings… But the results deserve we take time to build it complete.

Of course, decals are included:

For sure, this kit will be soon in my “to build” stock. I can’t let such a nice racer not to be one day built and displayed in my collection. Congratulations to Luciano and Andrea Brach. They’re in the top of craftsmanship, and release the best of the Italian racing legends bikes!

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