Suzuki Hayabusa Yoshimura X1-R

Suzuki Hayabusa X1 Racing – My very first build ^^


So many years since this build, my very first! Of course, it’s far from what I’m able to make now (even I need to improve a lot), but as you can see I already had needs to modify and make racers.
It started like a blind chance, I was with my dad at a scale model show, I didn’t really had idea about starting to build scale motorcycle models… And then I found this huge booth with so many Tamiya boxes that I didn’t know where to put my eyes on! It’s been a revelation, and when I saw the Tamiya Hayabusa X1, I immediately thought about the race version that raced the Suzuka 8 hours, so I tried to find another box, specially a Suzuki racer with Marchesini 5 spokes rims, and I found the ’99 RGV500 which was the perfect donor kit to help me reproduce the racing X1.
For those who don’t know here a picture of the real bike:


Of course, I knew I wouldn’t have the Ohlins suspensions, the specific Nissin 6 pistons calipers, the 16.5 wheels and neither the right decals. Same for the carbon fiber brake discs that I kept because I was unable to mount the OEM ones on the RGV wheels;  these were not used anymore on endurance bikes, but at the time, it didn’t really mattered, I was just starting something great lol

So, here my very first build, with a lot of crap work on it, mistakes, but it counts to me…

















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